West Quebec Shed Company Dealer Program
If you would like to become a Dealer/Retailer

West Quebec Shed Company offers the opportunity of becoming a Dealer, of our full line of custom sheds and cottages. Fully assembled or in kit form. Unlike other providers, WQ will customize sheds or small cottages to meet your customers’ requirements. Choose from a variety of options. Board & Batten, Duratemp Plywood Sheeting, Kiln dried siding, our products are quality thru and thru.

West Quebec Shed Company will provide all of your point of purchase marketing material, including outdoor signage, finance options and everything else to make selling of our products a success in your operations.

For retail locations, we offer demo buildings in all sizes and styles. For ecommerce sellers, we have images, specs and csv to make listing our products easier. We will do everything possible to make selling a West Quebec Shed Company shed or cottage simple and easy.

What’s available to Dealers
  • Quick Building time within two weeks from your order
  • When placing a customer order, WQ handles all the logistics to your customer or to your selling location.
  • Quick customer service to answer questions
  • Professional point of purchase marketing material including your outdoor signage
  • Finance services thru our leading provider Crelogix Canada
  • We will ship anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
Why West Quebec Shed Company

We are a customized provider in the industry. That allows you to offer customers what they want in any size and multiple options of building their shed or cottage. Our sheds can be installed by you the dealer or as a DIY project for your customers.


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